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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all kava the same?

No, there are many different types of kava from different islands in the south pacific. Each strain has varying effects and different parts of the root have higher levels of potency.

How long do the effects of kava last?

Kava has what is known as a reverse tolerance, Which means the more regularly you drink it the more rapidly you begin to feel the benefits after you first ingest it. A kava “buzz” will last up to around three hours but will vary with each individual. It can last longer if you continue to drink it through out the day.

How do I store Dry Kava? How long will it last?

Dry kava root should be kept in an airtight container and should last indefinitely if kept dry.

How long will kava keep once I make it?

At room temperature it should last about 24 hours and if refrigerated can last between 72-96 hours.

How much should I drink to get the effects?

Reverse tolerance comes into play here so the first couple of times it can take more kava to get the calming anti-anxiety and muscle relaxing benefits. As you drink it more regularly you should need less to begin the positive experience. Try 16oz at least to start.

Should I drink kava if i’m pregnant?

You should always consult your doctor before adding anything to your diet while pregnant.

Can I mix kava and alcohol?

In our opinion one should never mix kava with alcohol.

Is kava safe for children?

We caution discernment where kids are concerned. We suggest an age of 18 but younger children have used kava sparingly with no adverse affects.

How much kava is too much?

“All things in moderation”
Large amounts of kava are consumed by natives and aficionados yet any sacred plant should be approached with common sense. Kava is a diuretic much like coffee so your experience will be enhanced by proper hydration.