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    Fiji Blend- White Lotus

    50% Waka 50% Lawena This Waka/Lawena blend of Fijian kavas, is a favorite amongst many. You will clearly notice the straw or hay flavor before a rich leathery note takes over and finally giving you a tobacco finish. Enjoy this creamy heady kava all day long. Flavor Profile:
    • Hay / straw
    • Leathery
    • Tobacco finish
    • All day, heady
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    House Blend

    80% Vanuatu Lateral 20% Vanuatu Basal Smooth blend of taboo & Lateral Root Vanuatu Kava. This blend starts out with a musty cream and has a walnut pepper body then finishes with a nice cedar note. A great night time kava. Flavor Profile:
    • Cream upfront
    • Walnut pepper body
    • Cedar finish
    • Night time, body heavy
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    Strainer Bag to mix and make Kava.
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    Water-soluble extract that has 30% kavalactone powder.
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    KBD is a concentrated tincture made with CBD from Hemp and noble kava and loaded with Cannabidiol and Kavalactone adaptogens.
      • 600mg of CBD / 600mg of Kavalactones
      • 30ml Bottle
      • 5 Pump (1ml) serving size
      • 30 servings per container
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    Micronized Fijian Waka

    Highly ground, micronized Fijian Waka. Perfect for on the go use or to add as enhancer on top of kava. Instantaneous mixing.